9 Top Blogging Tools for Monitoring & Optimizing WordPress Blogs

Be sure to have these top blogging tools in place when you start your own WordPress blog or website. You’ll gain insights on your traffic sources, audience, and your website’s growth and performance over time.

Best Website Monitoring Tools for Web Visibility

Try these top blogging tools to build your website or blog on a great foundation. Monitor success and work to improve any opportunities that arise.

Google Tools for Bloggers

  • Google Analytics – Track your page views, how people are finding your site, geo locations, social media traffic, and so much more. Set up your URL within a free Google Analytics account so you can track your traffic and website stats.
  • Google Search Console – Discover where your site appears in search for various keywords – rank and click-through rate (what percentage of viewers click your search result). Find other keywords you’re getting impressions for but no clicks and use those keywords to improve your content.
  • Google Keyword Planner – You might need an Adwords account to access this, but I use it for keyword ideas for my blogs. It shows how many searches appear monthly for keywords and roughly what advertisers pay per click for those keywords, along with how tough the competition is. 

More Top Blogging Tools to Monitor Your Site

  • Ahrefs – Even the free version of Ahrefs gives you so much visibility into your website. You’ll enjoy a site health check that gives you real actual problems you can fix within your site or your web hosting. You can see your keywords, organic traffic, backlinks and so much more! DEFINITELY 100% worth setting up.
  • The Hoth Backlink Checker Tool – Check out your website’s backlink profile with this handy free backlink checker tool. You can also look at competitor sites to get an idea of their backlink profiles! The Hoth backlink tool is very handy as you start a new website and look for your place on the world wide web.

Site Speed & Performance 

  • Speed Check – Check your site speed on Google Page Speed Insights.
  • Speed / Performance Check – Use GTMetrix to check your site speed, diagnose why it’s slow, and check performance. Sign up for a free account!
  • WP-Rocket / Speed Specialist – Consider hiring a website speed specialist or if you are technically inclined, install WP Rocket and some image optimizing plugins.
  • Google Rich Results Test – Check your blog URL after you publish a post. This tool tells you if your post is eligible for Rich Results (snippets, etc.) in Google.

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