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Tips on a Website Launch Press Release

Many great reasons exist for sending out press releases. A press release for your new website launch is an essential part of the branding process as well as a great way to get the word out about your site, attracting visitors and gaining backlinks. Press releases you publish online with links back to your site can instantly improve your traffic and ultimately can help your site’s page rank too, so don’t delay.

A website launch press release, like other business themed press releases, should include certain vital information as well as details on the website itself and possibly even a quote from the owner of the site. Consider these tips on preparing a press release for website launch.

Press Release for Website Launch – Tips and Suggestions

Before you start writing your company’s website launch press release, give some thought to the message you want to convey. How do you want to position your website? What is its purpose? And don’t forget the WIIFM – what’s in it for your readers or customers? What benefits will they receive for simply visiting your site?

Consider Press Release Timing

You’ve surely heard it before. Timing is everything. Consider the timing of your website launch before you even start drafting your press release. If you are launching a beta site where folks can log on and test the site before a public launch, you might want to consider a press release website launch series, including the beta launch and the public launch. If you are only going public, you probably want to communicate your site launch within one week of it going live to ensure timeliness and relevance. When in doubt, check with a professional press release writer for assistance and guidance.

Nail Your PR Content

As you contemplate the contents of your site launch press release, think about what your readers will care about as they read it. What features will your site offer? Is membership with a login required? Are there benefits to all visitors or just premium members? What are those benefits? What date will the new site go live? Who built it and who owns it? Don’t forget a quote from the owner about the vision or philosophy of the site. Make it personal to capture interest.

Know Your Audience

Before you determine the audience for your press release, first think about the audience of your website. Who are your target visitors? Once you have a demographic in mind, it becomes infinitely easier to select press release distribution outlets and syndication sites and even individual media contacts that may find your site relevant.

Website Launch PR

Don’t Stop There! Follow Analytics and Reporting

Once you post your website launch press releases on the internet, you can track the success of each placement using Google Analytics and your website’s server stats to show you where the greatest traffic is originating. This can be especially valuable in targeting the outlets for the next press release in your campaign.

For a dynamic, high impact press release for a website launch, consider hiring a professional writer to do the job. A writer specializing in press releases can get the content ready for you in half the time, and she likely already knows the best outlets where you should distribute your press releases. If you find a press release writer who is also a PR or marketing specialist, you really hit the jackpot, as these pros can often get your news picked up by local media, including print, Web, radio, or television outlets. Feel free to get in touch if you could use some help with your press releases or other aspects of marketing and PR for your business!

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