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How to Write a Bio on Yourself that Others Will Read

Writing a bio on yourself can be a challenging task, especially for someone who isn’t always comfortable talking about themselves. If you don’t know how to write a bio on yourself, or even a short bio, don’t worry. This is a task that you can learn quickly and improve over time. When you write a bio on yourself, you want to be sure to include facts that are interesting so the reader wants to keep reading or decides to keep looking for more. Even if it’s your first time writing a biography about yourself, you can start out with a simple, short bio that still grabs attention.

Different reasons exist as far as why we may write a personal bio. Most times it has to do with finding jobs or publicizing services and products that we offer. Sometimes we may be asked to include a bio with a published work or a contest entry or something else altogether. Despite the many different reasons for writing a bio, it all boils down to one key focus – keep your bio interesting or no one will read it.

Consider these tips to help you write a dynamic, interesting bio that others will read and enjoy!

Writing a Bio - Hire a Bio Writer

How to Write a Personal Bio

A personal bio gives you the opportunity to put your best foot forward and tell the world – or a select audience – about yourself. Before you write a bio on yourself, check out these tips to help you make a big splash!

  • WHERE – Include information about your hometown, region, or where you grew up.
  • WHAT – Mention important facts about your experience, skills, or current occupation.
  • WHY – Make note of awards and achievements or other honors you have received.
  • HOW TO REACH YOU – Consider including contact information or at least a link to your website.
  • KISS – Keep It Simple, Sweetie! Avoid writing sentences that are too long or too complex.
  • CONNECT THE DOTS – Keep your bio relevant to the place where it will appear.
  • POSITIVE VIBES – Write with an interesting and engaging tone – avoid anything that can be construed as “boring” or negative.

To help you brainstorm for an effective and interesting bio on yourself, take a blank sheet of paper and write down a number of interesting facts about yourself, including those items listed above – jobs, experience and skills, interests and hobbies, location, and so forth. You will then weave these key points into an interesting story about yourself. In addition to mentioning the key details, don’t forget to start your bio with a really engaging sentence and conclude with a sentence or two that will wrap up the whole bio into one nice and neat package.

Now that you know how to write a bio, if you are wondering how to write a short bio, you can very easily condense your original biography to come up with just the juicy tidbits. Think about your location, occupation, interests and hobbies, or something that connects you to wherever the biography will appear. This is essentially your elevator speech! (Something you can say about yourself in the time it takes to ride an elevator!) Be sure to put some time and thought into your bio – you never know who might be reading it next!

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