So Many Reasons to Be Thankful

As a writer, I do occasionally find myself without the words to illustrate my feelings, mainly when I am overcome with emotion. Right now I have so many reasons to be thankful, yet I feel any words I share won’t truly do justice to the many wonderful things I have in my life. My dreams are all coming true and I don’t honestly know how anyone puts a pen to that. It is something we wish for and dream of long before it ever happens. Writing about it after the fact seems almost… anticlimactic. I’d hate to write something lackluster just for the sake of writing, but I feel that when something needs to be said, it plainly and simply needs to be said. So, here goes…

I am so very thankful for my family – especially my supportive and loving husband who gave me the wonderful opportunity to work for myself doing what I love. I feel fortunate to have found my passion early in life and that I had the drive and ambition to turn my favorite activities into a successful career. I am truly blessed to have my beautiful baby daughter, and to be able to raise her myself, and also blessed to have many loving and amazing family members, both on my side and my husband’s side. Of course, I can’t leave out our wonderful border collie — I know every dog owner says this, but she is truly the best dog I could ever imagine. I’m also very thankful for the wonderful network of friends and colleagues I have amassed over the years. I have so many enjoyable memories and many more to come.

I am thankful for my talents, which allow me to create unique and interesting content and marketing materials for my clients. I am also grateful for my drive and ambition, which got me where I am today, and I’m sure they will continue to push me toward new and greater heights. I am very thankful for the wonderful relationships I have with my clients, again, another part of the reason I am blessed to be able to do what I do for a living. I am also appreciative of those who come to read my blog and my website, even without a word, just reading.

I’m glad I had my past experiences, although I am loving where I am right now. I can’t imagine a future any brighter than where I feel that I am at this moment, but the dream is always there. I feel so truly lucky and blessed in all that I do – I’m thankful for these reasons and many more!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and hoping all of your dreams also come true!

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