Great Press Release Topics to Help Promote Your Business

Press releases offer so many benefits to your company and your marketing goals. First, press releases document and announce key advances and milestones for your company. A well-written PR is a great way to get the word out about special accolades, new products and services, growth, and development. Next, a strong, persuasive press release can also get a foot in the door with your local or national media. When you send press releases to the local newspapers, magazines, and TV and radio stations, you may very well find yourself with offers of interviews or requests to publish feature articles on the topics discussed in your press release.

Finally, press releases allow you to chronicle your company’s growth, achievements, and other news in an organized, official way. Once you have press releases for your most important company news, you can list them all on a News page on your company’s website. This News page has benefits in and of itself, giving your website visitors, aka: prospective customers, a glimpse into your business, its vision, its successes, and any past or current initiatives.

Now that we’ve discussed why press releases are so valuable, it only makes sense to go over some of the best reasons for writing and issuing a press release. Consider these important press release ideas for your business:

  • A new company’s inception
  • A merger or public business deal
  • A partnership or business-to-client relationship
  • Awards, accolades, or other recognition
  • Case studies with customers
  • Charitable giving, donations, or philanthropic involvement
  • Contests or other opportunities for prospective customers and clients
  • Involvement in groups or organizations
  • Launch of new product or service
  • Learning and development updates – new technology advances, etc.
  • Major milestones for company, anniversaries, etc.
  • New staff members
  • Staff or executive promotions
  • Survey results
  • Upcoming events in need of promotion
  • Website launch

If you are interested in having a dynamic and interesting press release created for your business, choose a talented press release writer to do the job. As a former news editor, I have been on both the writing and receiving end of press releases, so I know what sells and what doesn’t. Get in touch today to discuss your press release needs and our creative ideas for promoting your business.

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