20 Social Media Content Topics You Should Feature

A boring Facebook fan page or Twitter account will do your company little good. Interesting, exciting, valuable content is what gets your readers to keep coming back, commenting, liking, and maybe even sharing your pages with their friends. When you think about social media and the topics you’d like to cover for your fans, think way beyond what you’d like to sell to them. Social media is about building and maintaining relationships as much as it’s about promoting your company and its offerings.

Still, it helps to come up with a list of social media content topics that you would like to share with your followers. Your list should include both marketing topics and fun, helpful, everyday topics. I’m going to share a list of topics for you to consider in planning your own social media content strategy.

Non-Marketing Topics

  1. Tips and tricks relevant to your industry
  2. Links to news stories relevant to your brand
  3. Well-wishes and positive comments for local or national causes
  4. Photos that symbolize something to which your fans can relate
  5. A funny quote or joke relevant to your brand or the season
  6. Seasonal tips or trends
  7. News in your industry
  8. Accolades for local athletes or other top performers
  9. Commentary on the weather, holidays, or special happenings
  10. Fun questions for your followersMarketing Topics
  11. Company or staff news
  12. Awards and recognition you’ve received
  13. New product or service offerings
  14. Specials, deals, and promotions
  15. Photos of products or recent jobs completed
  16. Links to reviews on your company or its products / services
  17. Links to news stories about your company
  18. Upcoming events
  19. Polls for your followers
  20. Feedback solicitation and response

What other ideas do you have for your social media content? Feel free to share ideas in our comments below.

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