Writing the Perfect Vows or Love Letter

Just this past week I helped someone write their vows for a vow renewal service. I received a copy of the original vows from more than a decade ago, and gosh, I am pretty sure I swooned while reading them. The true sense of love and appreciation was totally apparent in the vows and any woman would have loved having someone speak those words to her, on a wedding day or on any special occasion. It was a pleasure to be able to assist with the vows for the vow renewal, which turned out perfectly on the first try.

After reading the original vows, I asked a few questions such as what my client appreciated or loved most about his wife. He told me a few things and I incorporated those into the new vows. I also kept some elements of the original vows verbatim to tie back to the special wedding day. You know what they say – something old, something new….

Writing vows is a lot like writing a love letter. You want to include the sentimental reasons why you love the person as well as your pledge for a lifetime of love and support. Each person may have other ways to personalize the vows, and that is what is most important. They should come from the heart, as if you give your emotions a voice. If you plan to write your own vows for your wedding or vow renewal, it can be a good practice to spend some time writing a love letter here or there to ensure you can accurately capture your feelings.

If you can’t find quite the right words to express your feelings and what you want to say or pledge to the love of your life, you can also hire a writer to do the work for you. Writers have a natural way of capturing what you want to say to your loved one and making it beautiful and poetic. Feel free to get in touch if you want to get more information on vow and love letter writing assistance!

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