Local Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Using local marketing strategies to bring in new customers can be a great way to expand your small business. Establishing relationships with customers in your geographic area can be a valuable effort in the short-term as well as in the long run. Local customers often become loyal customers. You can easily implement a few local marketing strategies to increase your neighborhood customer base.

Consider these ideas for local marketing strategies that you can employ for your small business or sole proprietorship.

Top Local Marketing Strategies

1.    Build out your Place Page on Google.

2.    Build out a listing for your business on Yahoo Local.

3.    Be sure your business is set up on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

4.    Optimize your website with keywords for your target geographic market.

5.    Consider a Google Adwords campaign that is targeted to your local area.

6.    Consider a Facebook ad campaign to draw in more local customers and prospects.

7.    Send out press releases to your local publications and online syndicates.

8.    Hang up business cards or flyers on local bulletin boards.

9.    Send out direct mail discounts or promotions in your immediate area.

10.    Hire a professional business writer and marketing specialist to promote your company from all angles.

Employing key local marketing strategies can dramatically increase the reach of your business. All of these techniques can instantly draw more attention to your products or services, helping your company to grow and expand. A professional writer and marketing specialist can help with all of your business content and promotion methods, from gaining exposure on the Web to getting articles about your company or products and services published in the local media. Consider hiring a creative writer to assist with all your company’s marketing needs, from press releases to newsletters, direct mail, online business profiles and directory submissions, staff biographies, and anything else you might need. I would be happy to assist you if needed – please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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