How to Write a Product Review that Gets the Right Attention

If you are wondering how to write a product review – or possibly more importantly, how to get a product review written for your business and its products – this article should give you the basics and help get you started. Product review writing is a special skill that shines best when done by established writers, but the truth is, anyone can write a product review. That doesn’t mean it will be a great product review, or even a highly effective review – those generally come from seasoned creative writers. However, if you look around the Web, you’ll see sites like Yelp, InsiderPages, and others giving the everyday consumer a place to voice their opinion of everything from restaurants to spas, salons, and anything in between.

So, to help you learn how to write product review descriptions, or a general product quality review, I’ve compiled these important points for you to consider. Now of course, if you are interested in having a product review written for your company, or in hiring a product writer to assist with your marketing content, please email me at or check out my professional creative writing site.

Okay, here are my top tips on how to write a product review (or what elements should be included in a product or service review):

•    Pay close attention to the five senses, especially if you are reviewing something edible or a beauty product. People want to know how it looks, feels, smells, and tastes. You may not come across too many things that have a sound, but if you are reviewing music or movies, this is a very important element as well.

•    Keep your review short without leaving out valuable information. No one wants to read a novel about the product you’re reviewing, or at least not most people. Give them what they want to know creatively and briefly. Usually 300 – 400 words ought to do the trick, unless otherwise instructed.

•    Tell them what they want to know. Does the product do what it claims? Does it live up to what its marketing campaign leads you to believe? Are you happy with it? Would you buy it again? Would you recommend it to a friend?

•    Disclose whether you received the product for review or you purchased it with your own money. The FTC requires that product writers be very clear about this when writing reviews. Be sure to disclose any free or discounted products, payments, or other perks you may have received in writing your product quality review.

•    If you have something negative to say, find a creative way to say it nicely. Sometimes a backhanded compliment or a subtle statement about your own personal preferences can do the trick. For example, I don’t like the scent of baby powder in women’s deodorants, so I would probably say something like, “While I don’t prefer the baby powder scent, Degree deodorant comes in a wide variety of fragrances to suit every preference, including those with a fresh rain type scent and others with a more natural and organic scent of fruits and blossoms.” The important thing is to be honest – people are reading these reviews because they care about the truth before buying them. Don’t disappoint!

•    Include the price as well as any available discounts. Usually the product writer should also mention whether the product’s performance justifies the cost.

•    Include a link to the product’s website if appropriate / applicable. Make it easy for the reader to go ahead and purchase the product if they like what you had to say. If you are an affiliate marketer or just getting started offering products through affiliate programs like Amazon, be sure to include your link.

Now that I’ve shared tips on how to write a product review, I hope you feel more confident about the process. If you are still looking for someone to assist with your product writing, please get in touch at any time. I am a professional product writer and would love the chance to work with you!

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