Social Media 2011 – Top Tips and Trends for Viral Marketing This Year

If you are wondering about the top trends and tips in using social networking platforms this year, you are in luck. My article on Social Media 2011 will give you the scoop on what’s hot, what’s not, and what you can do to ensure you are always on the edge of new and breaking social media marketing technologies. Social Media 2011 focuses on Facebook, Google+, and a wide array of geo targeting sites as well as countless social media based smart phone apps.

Check out these top tips and trends in Social Media 2011:

Social Media 2011 Tip #1 – Get with the Times – Own a Smart Phone.
If you don’t already have a smart phone that lets you download countless apps and do just about anything on the Internet from the palm of your hand, it’s time to fix that. The world of social media in 2011 has taken the mobile phone arena by storm and you don’t want to be left behind. Harnessing the power of the Internet on your mobile phone or device allows you to check and send emails, upload and stream videos, connect with friends and family on chat or through Facebook, Twitter, and countless other applications.

You can also benefit from the power of using social media on your smart phone if you own or help to manage a business. Being able to tweet your store’s latest deals or blast out a special promotion to your Facebook fans at a moment’s notice can’t be quantified in dollars and cents, but it’s a vital part of social media for businesses in 2011.

Social Media 2011 Tip #2 – It’s All about Relationships.
Remember, whether you are using social media as an individual or as a business trying to reach customers, the real key in social networking is building and nurturing those relationships. Social media is a much more intimate environment than say, e-mail, newspapers, or billboards. While different communications mediums can be beneficial in different situations, the close relationships you build through social media can be truly priceless.

From a business perspective, Facebook and Twitter offer companies a lot of opportunities to reach out and excite their guests and customers as well as prospects. The nature of social media is viral and when one person has a good experience, others are sure to inquire and follow. Remember not to go overboard with the marketing pitches in your social media networks, though. You want your fans and friends to feel welcome and at home.

Social Media 2011 Tip # 3: Valuable Feedback Is Ripe for the Picking – Just Ask.
One thing is for sure when it comes to social media in 2011. Ask and you shall receive. And even if you don’t ask, you will probably still receive, albeit not always what you want, but the open forum is there. Social media networks offer a friendly means of getting in touch with your network of contacts and learning more about their perspectives and desires.

The causal and easy going relationship tools of Facebook, Twitter, and others like them allow you to gain valuable insights into what your customers want and need. You can start a conversation over the Web that gains momentum and eventually solves problems or inspires new products, services, and enhancements. If you’ve ever wanted to do a focus group for your business, social media provides an incredible open door with honest respondents just waiting to offer their candid feedback.

These are our top 3 trends for Social Media 2011. What other trends have you seen? What tips would you like to share? Please leave your thoughts in our comments for all to enjoy.

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