Dental Marketing Ideas to Build Your Business

By Kathryn M. D’Imperio

Businesses in the medical field have a special opportunity to reach their patients on a more personal level. Relationship based marketing can go a long way to establishing more loyal customers. An assortment of dental marketing ideas can help your dentist office to add new clients while catering to existing patients. Your dental marketing techniques can be simple or complex and you can plan your dental marketing campaigns to suit any budget.

Consider these dental marketing ideas to help you get your dentist office more exposure and better returning patient rates.

Five Dental Marketing Ideas
Consider trying these five dental marketing strategies or hiring a professional writer and marketing specialist to assist.

1.    Get on Facebook and Twitter. Social media efforts can do wonders for your practice’s relationship management. You’ll be sure to love the back-and-forth interaction that develops as your Facebook page and Twitter account gain more fans and followers.

2.    Publish a blog. A blog is a great way to reach out to your current patients as well as new prospects and people in your area looking for new dental services. You can share any kind of news, tips, or information with the World Wide Web.

3.    Send out a company newsletter. A company newsletter can be the perfect way to share your practice news, staff updates, calendar of events, special deals, and other important news.

4.    Pitch press releases to the local media. The local media can certainly help your quest for more patients and greater exposure for your dentistry business. The new direction of the media now places a great focus on the power of the Internet, including video news coverage. This can be especially valuable to your dental marketing plan.

5.    Try guest posting and SEO article marketing. Establish your dental practice as having many experts in the field of dentistry. Publish articles on local dentistry blogs and submit articles through article marketing to improve your site’s SEO so your website comes up better in search engine rankings.

Reaching out to your patients on a personal level can help to establish long-term loyalty and returning patients. You can also use direct mail marketing and e-mail marketing to inspire new relationships and maintain current ones. If you are ready to take your dental practice to the next level, consider hiring a professional creative writer and marketing specialist to handle your marketing and public relations efforts.

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