How a Creative Writer Can Help You Sell More with Good Product Descriptions

By Kathryn M. D’Imperio

Welcome to the new age of selling – ecommerce, affiliate sales, and Amazon niche sites. Even if you don’t want to deal with product inventory, shipping, storage, and the whole nine yards, you can still make a handsome passive income with a little time and dedication to your goals. But how is it done? A lot of the time, success is determined by how good you are at describing and promoting what you sell. This is where a creative writer can really come in handy.

By hiring a professional product description writer, or a writer who specializes in writing descriptions of the products that you sell, you are opening your business to greater success and better exposure with paying customers. A good product description can go a long way into enticing the reader to click the all-powerful “Add to Cart” button. But for this to happen, your product description must be interesting, complete, engaging, and enticing, to say the least.

So what exactly should you include in a good product description? If you have an affiliate site or Amazon product niche site, chances are you already have some kind of business model for how things work. The truth is, unique content (i.e., product descriptions) can get you even more potential customers, and often more clicks that lead to more sales. Keep reading for a few tips on creative product descriptions for your ecommerce site or affiliate site.

Product Descriptions for Affiliate Sites
and Ecommerce Sites

Even if you are new to the world of affiliate marketing, you can still start your quest to earn money online with a little effort. If you have a small budget to get started, hiring a creative description writer can go a long way to getting you more sales on your affiliate products or on your inventory. Here are some tips on product descriptions for affiliate sites and ecommerce sites:

•    Be sure to offer your site visitors unique content for your descriptions. There are multiple downfalls to using the same descriptive text as used on the affiliate site itself, namely duplication of content in Google’s eyes. This can result in lower page rank and search enging ranking.

•    Your affiliate product descriptions should include a number of important details, like:
o    Product name
o    Identifying factors – color, texture, size, etc.
o    Options for customization, warranty, etc.
o    Price

•    Cater to your audience. Your product descriptions should be interesting to read, and possibly even entertaining, depending on your Web site’s tone.

•    Keep adding new product descriptions and new products. Search engines and site visitors alike love exciting new content. Try to update your site with new products and descriptions as often as you can.

When your product descriptions are interesting and well written, readers may begin to trust your Web site. This level of trust makes a Web site visitor more likely to become a customer. A professional product description writer can make your product descriptions interesting and enticing to the reader. A good product writer can write anything from a few short product descriptions to the content for an entire product catalog or Web site. If you are in need of a writer to help with your product descriptions, please get in touch today!

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